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What are Standard Requests and how do they work?

Last Updated: Aug 05, 2019 01:32PM JST

Eligibility for Standard Requests

Before you are eligible to work on Standard Requests, you must pass the following requirements:

  1. You must have agreed to our NDA (non-disclosure agreement) and verified your ID.
  2. Your status level as a translator on Conyac must be rated as Standard or higher according to your latest Level Test.
  3. You must review three translations by other translators for each Standard Request you wish to take on.

How to Work with Standard Requests
  • Browse Standard Requests under the Standard column to find one that looks like a good fit for your interests and abilities.
  • Click to open and view the details of the Standard Request.
  • Double-check the deadline, and if you are confident to complete it on time, click Accept.
  • Note that you can only accept one translation request at a time.

  • Long translation work is separated into paragraphs.

  • You can save your draft with the "Save as Draft" button and commit finished paragraphs with the "Commit" button. 

  • The blue bar on the top right indicates how much you have progressed. 
  • Once you have finished all the translations, be sure to double-check your work. You can check the whole text with the "Whole Text" tab.
  • Click on the "Submit" button once you are finished.

What Happens After You Submit Your Translation

​For Standard Requests, after you submit your translation, it takes 24-hours to put the finished request into the 'Finished' section as well as to refresh your points. Note that during this period, the client might make a comment on your translation or ask you some questions.

Privacy for Standard Requests

Unlike Light Requests, Standard Requests are always set to private. This means that the translators can only see the translations they submit themselves.

Double-Check Requests

​Double-check requests are from clients who would like their purchased translation to go through a second round of checking by a different translator. This translation request has already gone through the process of being translated; however, the requester would like you to take the finished translation, read it thoroughly, and make any required corrections or edits to enhance its quality.

  • The compensation for Double-Check Requests is the same as for regular translation requests.
  • To take on a Double-Check Request, open a Standard Request and select the "Revision" tab.
  • Note: You must have a score of 61+ to be eligible to take on a Double-Check Request.

Premium Requests

  • ​A Premium Request is a type of Standard Request that a client makes available exclusively to their favorite translators.
  • Once a translator submits work to a client, that client can designate them as one of their favorite translators.
  • Being an excellent communicator and submitting top quality work will increase the chance that a client will select you as one of their favorites and later send you a Premium Request.

How to See Your Feedback

After you complete a Standard Request, clients are able to post feedback. To check yours, go to your Conyac dashboard and click "My Feedback."

For each completed Standard Request, you will see the following information:
  • Client username
  • Request title
  • Specs (word count, language, time limit)
  • Feedback and comments

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