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How do I edit my Conyac profile?

Last Updated: Aug 05, 2019 05:29PM JST
Improve your chances of being hired by making sure your profile gives a great first impression. Let potential clients know that you are the best candidate for the job by taking the time to fill out all sections and add a professional-looking profile picture. Provide a relatable self-introduction and showcase your skills and experience.

Did you know? The Conyac team also offers a concierge service and hires on behalf of clients. A well-presented profile helps our staff know who to pick for the best jobs. We also recommend the best-presented freelancer profiles directly to clients and via our social media from time to time.

Below, we'll explain how to set up your profile for success, including:
  • Setting up a Default profile
  • Setting up a version of your profile in another language
  • Setting up Services

Step 1: Edit Your Profile

Start by clicking your user icon in the upper-right corner of the page and selecting “Edit Profile.” When "Edit Freelancer Profile" is displayed, you can create a default profile.

Add a Self-Introduction

In the self-introduction section of the default Edit Freelancer Profile page, you can enter up to 2000 characters of text. We recommend you give information including your available times, languages you understand, areas of expertise, and anything else a potential client might need to know.

Since this will be the first page that prospective clients see, it's worthwhile taking the time to write a self-introduction that gives a strong first impression.

Add Other Information

The default "Edit Freelancer Profile" page allows you to list professional details such as licenses, qualifications, and languages. If you wish, you also have the option of sharing personal details such as your gender, date of birth, and place of residence — however, these details are not required.

Note: We currently only allow users to set one native language. However, we realize that many of you may have more than one. In that case, please choose the one that you speak best and set that as your native language.

Set A Profile Image

Your profile image is likely the first thing that will catch a prospective client's eye and it will strongly influence their initial impression. If you feel comfortable doing so, we recommend setting a professional-looking photo that clearly shows your face. It's human nature that we find it easier to trust someone who shows their face and looks dependable.

Note that it is not compulsory to show your face. However, please note that having no profile image or one that does not give the right impression will dramatically reduce your ability to win jobs on Conyac.

To change your profile picture on Conyac:
  1. Click the user icon in the top right-hand corner.
  2. Select "Edit Profile"
  3. Scroll down to "Picture"
  4. Click on "Change your profile picture"
  5. You will have the option of using a photo from Facebook, Twitter, or uploading from your computer.

Step 2: Making Your Profile Multilingual (optional)

If you speak more than one language, you are welcome to make your profile multilingual. Since Conyac attracts clients from around the world, creating versions of your profile in the different languages that you understand will help attract more opportunities to be hired.

Feel free to add language-specific information that might help a client select you for a job. Perhaps you might like to share how It is a page where you can make a concrete appeal unique to you, such as how you learned a new language.

To add a profile in another language, click "+ Add Profile" and select from "Select Language to Add." Then, next to your Default profile, you will see a tab for the language you added. Select the language you want to edit. To add more language profiles, click "+" and if you want to delete a language profiles click "Remove."

Important notes:
  • “Default” Tab: This is your main profile page, that should, therefore, be completed with as many details as possible, in the languages of your choice. The information entered there before adding other languages will be automatically copied as you add them. This is also the only page where you can specify your gender/birth date and upload a new profile picture.
  • “Address” Field: This can only be edited by the users who did not proceed with their ID verification yet. If you did, it will automatically be filled in with the information stated at that time. For those whose address has changed since their ID Verification, please submit a new document in order to get your address updated in your profile page.
  • Language Pairs: You can only add the languages that you registered as your language pairs beforehand. You can add up to four languages (12 language pairs) in your profile. If you receive an error message when registering your languages, it may have to do with the case of the letters or if there are spaces included. As the text is case sensitive, make sure to enter lower case or capital letters correctly. Also, when entering the letters, please do not copy and paste the word as it may include spaces and lead to an error.
  • Confidentiality: Please do not disclose any content from your private translation requests as they are subject to the confidentiality agreement. As for Market projects and other works handled outside of Conyac, please make sure that you are authorized to publicly share their content before you do so.
  • Privacy: In accordance with our terms of service, no personal contact information should be displayed in your profile as you can exchange with your clients directly through Conyac.
Once your profile is complete, you can click "Update" and then "Profile Page" to see how your profile is displayed.

Step 3: Make Yourself Available for Direct Requests

While our marketplace lets you bid on open jobs, creating Service listings allows you to receive direct job offers from clients. Multitalented? Great! Add a Service page for each category of work you can do and offer your expertise to our global audience!

To add a Service:
  1. Go to your profile, click on the "Services" tab, and select the "Manage Your Services" button.
  2. Alternatively, click on your profile icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen to get the drop-down menu and select "Manage Your Services."
  3. In addition, as the content of “job recruitment” is richer, the ranking will be higher and the chance of seeing the client will increase. Let's create a passionate job offer so that you can get the job you want!

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