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Last Updated: Sep 27, 2017 09:11AM UTC

Step 1: Optimize your profile

Let’s first access your profile by clicking your personal icon in the upper-right corner of the page and select “Edit profile”:

This is where you can add details about yourself so the requesters as well as your fellow translators can get to know you better.
The more information is displayed there, the more likely you will be to get jobs, so don't overlook it!

Self introduction: This is the most important part of the process. Would you entrust a job to someone that you know nothing about? Neither would we. So here is the opportunity to introduce and sell yourself with your own words, in your preferred language(s).

Additional details: You can add more concrete information about your history and experiences in the fields above (gender, age) and under your self-introduction box (qualifications, previous jobs, specialties, etc.).

We also strongly recommend that you add a personal profile picture (of yourself preferably), as it significantly enhances your credibility to requesters.

Step 2: Make it multilingual
You will then be able to add a new displayed language by clicking the “Add profile” button:

After adding your first language, the others can be added through the + button next to the tabs and removed in one click:

Doing so will enable you to write your self-introduction as well as your history details in several languages so they can be read by a larger number of users.

Important notes:

1) The “Default” tab is your main profile page, that should therefore be completed with as many details as possible, in the languages of your choice. The information entered there before adding other languages will be automatically copied as you add them. 
This is also the only page where you can specify your gender/birth date and upload a new profile picture.

2) The “address” field can only be edited by the users who did not proceed with their ID verification yet. If you did, it will automatically be filled in with the information stated at that time.
For those whose address has changed since their ID Verification, please submit a new document in order to get your address updated in your profile page.

3) You can only add the languages that you registered as your language pairs beforehand:

4) Please do not disclose any content from your private Light requests/Standard requests as they are subject to the confidentiality agreement. As for Market projects and other works handled outside of Conyac, please make sure that you are authorized to publicly share their content before you do so.

5) In accordance with our terms of service, no personal contact information should be displayed in your profile as you can exchange with your clients directly through Conyac.

When you are done completing your profile, you will be able to see it as an external user, so you have an idea of how it actually looks:

Step 3: Make yourself available to individual requests
You may also want to create one or more “Product” pages as this is the only way for the requesters to contact you with direct job offers.
On your preview page, click the “Product” tab, then “My Product”, and finally “Add Product”:

Your “Products” will become available in the requesters’ list along with other translators’ when they research for a bilingual to work with.
They will also be able to access your “Products” through your profile page from the dedicated tab, where they can get in touch with you in one click.

More information about “My Product”:


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