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What is my Individual Number (My Number) and why do you need it?

Last Updated: Aug 05, 2019 03:22PM JST
Note: You only need to follow the instructions in this article if you are a Japanese national or resident of Japan and wish to receive payment for your work on Conyac.

What is Japan's Individual Number (My Number) System?

An Individual Number (popularly referred to as "My Number" by many) is a 12-digit ID number issued to all citizens and residents of Japan (including foreign residents in Japan). It is used for taxation, social security, and disaster response purposes.

Most municipalities issue it with an ID card, commonly referred to as a My Number card. If you are a resident of Japan but do not yet have a My Number or lost your card, you can get one issued at your local city office. Once you have submitted your application, it may take around a month to be issued.

Why do you need Japan residents' My Number?

Since we operate in Japan, we must record your ​My Number when preparing payment records and reporting to the tax authorities. We will not use it for any other purpose. Businesses that handle My Number are under obligation to take measures in facilitating appropriate management to prevent any leakage, loss, or damage to this information. We, therefore, have implemented strict management and operation practices in compliance with these regulations.

How often should I register My Number with Conyac?

​Registration is only required the first time you apply. However, if your My Number is reissued (a different number reissued), please inform us as soon as possible.

Can I just tell you the number?

No, we need a scan or photo of both the front and back of your My Number card. 
  • If you have a temporary My Number card or one that does not show a photo of your face, please also submit additional Japanese government-issued ID that shows your face such as a drivers license or Residence Card.
  • Note that we will need a photo/scan of both sides of any other ID documents submitted.

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