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How can I get work from Conyac Market?

Last Updated: Aug 16, 2017 08:39AM UTC
You can receive work from the Conyac Market in the following ways.

1. Find a project and confirm the details

You can find project openings from the project list. 

You can sort the projects by conditions such as language or category. 

Click the link to the detail page. 
Project overview, details and condition will be given. 
Please confirm that the projects matches your skill and offer. 
You can also ask questions regarding the projects before you apply to them. 


2. Apply to a project (Negotiate terms)

If the project requirements match your skill and offer, you can apply to the project. 
Enter your terms (such as compensation and estimated time to completion.) when applying to a project. 

The client will be notified when you apply. When your proposed conditions don`t match the client's requirements, you can negotiate with them to propose new terms. There may be some cases that the client decides to cancel the project. 

→I want to cancel my market application.

→How do I apply to work on a market project?

→Why can't I apply to this market project?


3. Close the contract

If you proposal is chosen by the client, you can close the contract. The client may close the contract with several translators. Your compensation will be payed once the client has accepted your completed document. 

→Can I change the application terms after the conclusion of the contract?


4. Start working  

You can start your work as soon as the contract is closed. For projects, you can communicate with other members of the project through "Group Comment". 

※Notes on changing the terms after the contract is closed

There may be cases when you start your work and find out that there are other tasks that needs to be done to accomplish the project. For example, the client requests to change the original content of the project or needs additional translation for their work. In those cases you can request to change the contract compensation. Take in count of the changed or additional amount of work required and propose the client with new compensation. Once the client agrees to your request, then it will be changed accordingly. 

→Can I change the application terms after the conclusion of the contract?


5. Complete work

When you have completed your work, submit it to your client along with a completion report. 
Please make sure you have completed every task involved in the project before submitting your work. 


6. Accepting and Payment

The client will receive a notice of your completed work. They will check your work and accept it if there are no problems. It would be your responsibility to correct and clarify any mistakes, omissions, or inquiries from the client within the scope of the contract. 

Your compensation will be awarded as soon as the client has accepted your work. 

→How long is the acceptance period for market work?

→What are the fees on Conyac Market?


7. Feedback

You can give feedback to the client once the client has accepted your work. 
The client on the other hand may give you a feedback. 

Please keep in mind ratings that you receive and give will be shown to the public and those will be important factors to choose requests for translators and choose translators for requesters. 
Please make sure you give a considerate rating. 

→Please explain about Feedback.



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