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What are Level Tests and how do I take one?

Last Updated: Oct 03, 2019 12:20PM JST

About Level Tests for Translators on Conyac

Level Tests are our method for checking your translation ability and assigning a status level to you as a translator on Conyac. Newly registered users begin at the "Starter" level. By taking a Level Test and performing well, your status as a translator and the accessible features on Conyac can be upgraded.

To reach the Standard level and gain access to Standard requests, you must take a Level Test for each language pair that you will work on separately. For example, Japanese-to-English and English-to-Japanese are regarded as separate language pairs and each one requires its own Level Test.

Before you can take a Level Test, we need you to complete the following:
  1. Set up your account (confirm email, register language pairs, and create a Conyac user profile)
  2. Agree to our NDA (non-disclosure agreement)
  3. Allow us to check and verify your ID document(s)
After meeting these requirements, please click the 'Level Test' button on your Conyac dashboard to take your first Level Test.

Level Test Time Limit

The time limit of the test may vary depending on the length of the content. It will be approximately the same length as the translation period for a Standard Request. Please finish the translation and submit it by clicking the 'Submit' button within the time limit.

Standard Level Criteria

Our team carefully reviews each translation. If the quality of the translation is deemed acceptable to present to a client, it will be seen as a passing grade. Please understand we cannot disclose any information regarding the details of the grading process or criteria for passing the test. Our Conyac moderators will review the test and send the results by email around one week. *It may take more than one week depending on the language pair.

Retaking Level Tests

  • Translators who fail to pass a Level Test may retake it after a set period, which differs depending on the grade they receive.
  • Translators who are graded as Starter level will have to wait three months before retaking the test.
  • Starter (High) translators will only have to wait one month to retake the test
  • In case the time limit had expired before you submitted the test, you will be able to retake it when a new test starts (which will be within two weeks to a month later depending on the language pair).

Important Notes

  • If it has been determined that any cheating occurred during the test, your Conyac account may be terminated.
  • The translation results of the test may be used by either Conyac or by the original copyright owner.
  • The testing time will vary slightly depending on the translation content. However, it will be approximately as long as a Standard Request time limit. 
  • Once you begin the test, you cannot cancel it.
  • As per the NDA, you are strictly prohibited to share the test contents.
  • We cannot reveal any details regarding the grading process or criteria for passing.

Level Test Guidelines

Below is our checklist for the grading process. Please keep all of these points in mind when taking the test and translating it on Conyac in general.

1. Omissions

  • Please translate the entirety of the translation subject.
  • If important words or phrases are missing, the translation will be unfit for submission.
  • Please double check to make sure nothing is missing from your translation.

2. Mistranslations

  • Please confirm that there are no mistranslations.
  • Please be careful not to mistake the meaning of words or phrases, and adequately research any unfamiliar words to produce a translation free of errors. 

3. Unnatural Phrasing

  • Please make sure there are no unnatural expressions in your translation, and that you write in clear, understandable sentences.
  • Even if there are no mistranslations if the translation is difficult to read, it will be unfit for submission.
  • Please use proper grammar, paragraph breaks, conjunctions, etc., to produce an easily readable translation.

4. Deviation from Instructions 

  • For many Standard Requests, there are often style guides or specific terms the requestor wants the translator to use. Please make sure to translate according to the instructions.
  • If there are no instructions for the translation, please be in the habit of translating while keeping the subject matter in mind and aiming for the most suitable translation product. 

5. Insufficient Research

  • Regarding proper nouns, such as the names of companies and products, please research the correct spelling for the target language. 
  • If there is already an existing official translation for such words, please do not translate them differently.

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