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Are there different levels of translators on Conyac?

Last Updated: Aug 05, 2019 01:31PM JST

​Translator Status

All translators on Conyac have a registered status level for each language pair. The following figure summarizes our status system. Keep reading below for further details.

Level Tests

  • By taking a Level Test, your status may go up or down, and your access to certain features may change.
  • If there is a Level Test for your language pair, reviews will impact your rating, but not your status.
  • If there is no Level Test for your language pair, reviews will impact both your status and your rating.
  • In addition to Level Test results, the Conyac Quality Team may change the status of a translator after reviewing their translation results. In this case, the translator will be informed by email of their change in status along with the reason why.


  • Before we can pay you, we need you to complete the following.
  • Complete the basic account settings (confirm email, register language pairs, confirm Facebook account)
  • Complete profile registration 
  • Complete the NDA
  • Complete the personal ID verification process
  • Receive 3 positive reviews or pass the Standard Level Test

Translator Status Levels


  • This level is reserved for those translators who submit poor translations or who are caught submitting machine translations.
  • Translation jobs you complete at this level are not eligible for compensation.


  • The default level for newly registered freelancers on Conyac.

Starter (High)

  • If a translator takes the Level Test and fails to reach the Standard level by a small margin, they will gain the status Starter (High) and will be able to retest at an earlier date than those who are given Starter status. 


  • Eligible to work on Standard and Premium level requests (a Premium Request is where a client has specifically chosen you to do a translation job).


  • Eligible for Double-Check Requests.
  • May receive direct translation requests from the Conyac Team


  • Specially recognized by the Conyac Quality Control Team to have outstanding performance.

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