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How do I review other translators' completed Light Request translations?

Last Updated: Aug 05, 2019 05:16PM JST

Review Guidelines

Here on Conyac, we seek to provide a platform where translators can learn from each other and grow together. One way we do this is allowing translators of Standard level and above to post reviews on translations of Light Requests.

Of course, reviews can be subjective. Therefore, to avoid problems, we require that you consider the following guidelines when reviewing another translator’s work.
  1. First, look for issues such as spelling, grammar, and context.
  2. Understand that sometimes an original manuscript may have been poorly written, yet the client insists that that translation perfectly mirror the content in the target language. In this case, you cannot blame the translator for poor writing. Instead, you should be focusing on the accuracy of their work.
  3. If the translation is not good and only deserves 1 or 2 stars, please leave some constructive advice and corrections on the translation. Of course, if the translation is good (i.e., 3 stars or above), there is no need to suggest corrections.
  4. Please ensure that your comments come across in a tone that is friendly and helpful. Personal attacks and harassment will not be tolerated.

How to Write a Review

  1. Go to “Seeking Review” 
  2. Choose a translation to review
  3. Give the translation a star rating (1 to 5), add a helpful comment, and suggest corrections if necessary.

Reporting Machine Translation Use

There is an "Alert" button at the bottom of each finished translation. If you suspect that a translator has used machine translation, please use this to report it to the Conyac team so that we can investigate. Please be aware that you cannot undo the Alert once you have clicked on it.

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