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【Guide】About Light requests

Last Updated: Sep 08, 2017 07:49AM UTC

Just signed into Conyac?  Make your start with a Light request!

Every Light request is limited within 720 words (for Japanese, Chinese and Korean, it's 240 words.)
And usually the content of a Light request is related to short emails or products reviews.
A Light request is a good short practice for your translation skills.

<Intro of Light requests>

The reward for a Light request depends on the amount of characters.
Please note that the reward will only be given to the first two translators who finish the request, and it will be sent to the two translators' accounts after the translation time limit has passed. 
Therefore, it takes some time for a translator to receive the reward.

Before you receive a Light request, please check the 3 icons on the right side of the request first.

  1. '%' means how much the request has been finished and if the % is low it is very possible that the request hasn't been taken by two translators.
  2. 'Translated' means the number of the translation results.
  3. 'Translating' means how many translators are working on the request.

For example, if 'Translated' shows 1 and 'Translating' shows 1, then it is very possible that you won't be rewarded if you start translating the request. (But if you would like to practice your translation skills without receiving reward, you can still do the request.)

As mentioned above, only the first two translators can receive the
reward, but please be careful with the quality of the translation because the translation result maybe rejected by the requestor if it is not acceptable.

<Categories of Light requests>

There are two kinds of Light requests: regular & sponsored.

For regular Light requests, the time duration for each request is 24 hours (some of them have different durations so please check the time limit shown at the bottom of the request) and all translators can work on it.
The request will no longer accept submissions after the first two submitted translations, however if the translation is not found to be acceptable by the requestor, it will be re-opened for the remainder of the 24 hour period until a new translation is submitted.  
For sponsored Light requests, the time duration is longer and usually it is assigned to those translators with a higher level (more than 60).

<About Light requests>

  • You can choose a request in which you are interested.
  • Before start translating, make sure you check the additional information from the requester.
  • After you finish translating, make sure you check the whole translation before you submit it.
  • If you would like to make some comments on the request, you can make a comment to the requester from the comment column.
  • If the requester likes your translation, there will be pink feedback saying the requester likes your translation.
  • Your translations will also be commented or reviewed by other translators. Sometimes there will be a rating with stars or some advice on your translations. 

Once you get enough good reviews from other standard translators, your status will rise to standard. With a standard status, you will be able to do standard requests with more reward.




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