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What are Light Requests and how do they work?

Last Updated: Aug 02, 2019 06:21PM JST

What Are Light Requests?

Light Requests are translation jobs that are under 720 words (or under 240 characters if the original manuscript is in Japanese, Chinese, or Korean). Clients usually use them for translating items such as short emails or products reviews.

Who Should Work on Light Requests?

All translators on Conyac are welcome to work on Light Requests. However, they are best suited to those who are new to doing translation work. They are an excellent starting point to build up your skills as a translator.

How Much is the Pay for Light Requests?

The reward for a Light Request depends on the number of characters. Please note that the compensation will only be given to the first two translators who finish the request, and it will be sent to the two translators' accounts after the translation time limit has passed. Therefore, it takes some time for a translator to receive the reward.

Before you take on a Light Request, please check the icons next to it:
  • '%' (Percentage sign) refers to how much of the request has already been completed. If the percentage is low, it is possible that two translators haven't taken the request.
  • 'Translated' means the number of translation results.
  • 'Translating' refers to the number of translators working on the request.
For example, if 'Translated' shows 1 and 'Translating' shows 1, then it is possible that you won't be rewarded if you start translating the request. Nevertheless, if you would like to practice your translation skills without receiving compensation, feel free to take it.

Although only the first two translators can receive compensation, it's still crucial for you to be careful with the quality of your work because if the client rejects it, your rating as a translator on Conyac will be affected.

Is There More Than One Type of Light Request?

There are two kinds of Light Requests:
  1. Regular: The default duration for each request is 24 hours. However, some have different durations, so be sure to double-check the time limit shown at the bottom of the request. All translators are eligible to work on Light Requests. Only the first two submitted translations will be accepted. However, if the translation is not found to be acceptable by the client, it will be re-opened for the remainder of the 24-hours until a new translation is submitted.
  2. Sponsored: For sponsored Light Requests, the time duration is longer, and usually, it is assigned to those translators with a higher level (more than 60).

Public vs. Private Light Requests — What's the Difference?

  • Light Requests can be set to either public or private by the client. 
  • When a Light Request is set to private, translators can only see the translation they submitted.
  • When a Light Request is set to public, translators can see the translations submitted by other translators.
  • You can ask other translators to review your translation work if it is a public request. 
  • On your profile page, only public translations will show up as your finished translation work.

How Do I Take on a Light Request?

  1. Find a Light Request which interests you.
  2. Before you take it on, double-check all information and details.
  3. Complete the translation as fast as you can.
  4. Before submitting your completed translation, make sure to double-check for errors.
  5. You can send a comment to the requester via the comment column.
  6. If the client likes your translation, there will be pink feedback to notify you.
  7. Other translators may also review your translation and receive comments from them.
  8. Once you get enough good reviews from translators at the Standard Level, your status will rise to standard. With a Standard status, you will be able to take on Standard requests, which are better paid.

Can I cancel a Standard Request after accepting it?

  • After accepting a Standard Request, translators are allowed to cancel it within the first five minutes. After the first five minutes has passed, the request can not be revoked.
  • Please note that you will not be awarded any points for an incomplete translation job. 
  • After canceling a Standard Request, it will no longer be available for you to take on.

What if I miss the deadline?

If you are not able to complete a Standard Request before the deadline, the following will occur:
  1. It will be relisted for other translators to take on.
  2. A penalty for not being able to finish the job will incur.
  3. You will not be able to take on a Standard Request for the next ten days.

What is a Light Request review?

The purpose of a Light Request review is to help you learn and improve the quality of your translations. Other Conyac users may leave you a star rating, comments, or corrections. There are different types of reviews, depending on your status as a translator on Conyac.

​In the case of Light Requests, Conyac has a peer review system that works as follows.
  • After joining Conyac, all translators are assigned an initial rating score of 50 points.
  • Other translators may review your Light Request translations. Their reviews, which may consist of a rating (one to five stars) and a written comment, will influence your overall rating score as a translator on Conyac.
  • If you receive at least three positive reviews (3-stars or more) for your Light Request translations and pass our Level Test, your translator status may be upgraded to Standard or higher.
  • This makes you eligible for both Standard and Premium requests.
  • A Premium Request is where the client has directly selected you for the job.
For Status Levels of Trainee, Starter, and Starter (High)
  • Can only receive reviews from Standard level translators and above.
  • Their reviews can raise or lower your rating as a translator on Conyac.
  • Translators can leave comments with or without including corrections.
  • You can begin receiving payouts after getting three reviews of three stars or above.
For Status Levels of Standard and Above
  • Can receive and write reviews for other translators.
  • These reviews can increase or decrease your rating.
  • Translators can rate, leave comments, and give corrections.

What if my Light Request translation is rejected?

​Clients are able to reject translations submitted for Light Requests. They are supposed to provide a clear reason for rejecting your translation, and you should receive it in an email notification.

These are the common reasons why clients reject translations:
  • The translation was translated into the wrong language.
  • The work was incomplete — some parts were not translated.
  • The translation contains inappropriate content.
  • The quality of the translation was deemed to be too low.
Please note that you will not be rewarded with points when your translation is rejected.

How can I raise my status as a translator on Conyac?

Consistently completing high-quality translation work on time, performing well on Level Tests, and communicating in a professional manner are the ways to get ahead and raise your overall rating score and thus your status level as a translator on Conyac.

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