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【Review】What is a Light request translation review?

Last Updated: Sep 14, 2017 09:23AM UTC
Light request review is to help improve the quality of your translations. 

In light request review, ratings can be given with stars,  or only comments or correction may be left.
Giving corrections helps translators to improve their skills and gain great abilities and knowledge. 

This is the number of the reviews you got underneath your Conyac ID.
*There are different types of reviews depending on your translator status.
    Trainee and Starter/ Starter (high)

       ・Can only receive reviews from above standard status translators and above.
  ・These reviews can increase or decrease your rating.
  ・Comments can be left with or without giving corrections.
  ・Payout can be received after getting 3 good reviews.  

Above Standard status
  • Can receive and write reviews for other translators.
  • These reviews can increase or decrease your rating.
  • They can rate, leave comments, and give corrections.
Please check the review guideline → Review guideline
*Good review means more than 3 stars.  ☆☆☆<


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