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How can I create a “ReShare”?

Last Updated: Sep 22, 2017 09:08AM UTC
Before you start creating a "ReShare", please kindly read  "ReShare page" and "ReShare Terms of Service".
You can create a Reshare here.

Here’s the process. All steps are mandatory.

  1. Insert an Article URL
    ■Choose an article that you would like to ReShare with others.
    ■If you cannot get the permission from the original article,
      please create a ReShare like:
    ・Briefly e
    numerate details about the contents of the original article.
    ・In such a way to introduce the article to your friends
    ・Add your own perspective in the body of ReShare.

  2. Select an image from the article.(If you have a problem with the image, please check here)
  3. Original Language - The original language of the article.
  4. ReShare Language-To which language you want to ReShare. 
  5. Title a suitable name for your ReShare(See the tips for the Title)
  6. Write the body for ReShare.
    There is a character limit for the body. Even though the maximum length is 240 (including alphabet) for Japanese, Chinese and Korean (720 for other languages), please write at least 140 for Japanese, Chinese and Korean (420 for other languages.).
    It is difficult to understand If the content is too short.

    Please kindly note
     that if the quality of the content is subpar we cannot provide you rewards.
  7. Select a suitable category for your ReShare.
    If you cannot find a suitable category for your ReShare, please select “others”.
  8. Time to publish! Do you want to publish your ReShare immediately on CONYAC TIMES and ReShare APP?     
    →Select ”Save & Publish”  Want to Review your ReShare first  →Select “Save Changes”
  9. Widen your ReShare!
    You can share your ReShare on Facebook, Twitter, and Line,
    Please share your favorite article in different languages with your ReShare.

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