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What are Double-Check Requests and how should I handle them?

Last Updated: Aug 05, 2019 11:18AM JST


A Double-Check Request is one that is translated by one translator and checked/edited by another translator. The primary purpose of double-checking is to assure the quality of the translation by focusing on accuracy and fluency.


  • Check whether the translation follows instructions and comments of requesters.
  • It is essential to check whether the requesters have given any specific instructions for the translation.
  • Check whether specific terminology is desired by the client and ensure all technical words are translated accurately.
  • Check and fix any spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • All mistakes must be corrected by the translator performing a double-check.


  • We recommend translators to translate texts directly. However, during the double-check, you should adjust any awkward expressions to a more natural style.
  • Make sure that translations match the context and purpose of the text. For example, an article should have a formal and journalistic style, whereas a casual email should feel more like a casual conversation.
Below we explain the processes you would follow as the first translator followed by that of the second translator.

For the First Translator

If you would like to take on a translation job as the first of two translators in a Double-Check Request, click the green 'Accept' button to get started.

After clicking 'Accept,' please go to the request page. By clicking the button '1-1' below 'Translate,' you will see the original text and you can enter your translation in the column on the right side.

When you finish translating the text, please click the 'Commit' button to save your translation. By doing this, you will see it shows 'Saved on ......' in the left corner of the original text and 'Committed' on the right corner of your translation.

Please be sure to click the 'Commit' button, otherwise, your translation will not be saved!

After you committed all your translations, you will see the blue bar marked with 100% full. Only then will you be able to submit your translations.


After you submitted your translations, there will be a double-check option which means the client has asked for a double-check by another translator, therefore the request has not been finished. After making sure that you have checked your translations, please click the 'Confirm Submit' button to proceed.

Before a double-check is done by another translator, the requester will confirm your translations. Please note that the request's status will still be set to 'Translating' for a double-check. Your points will be sent to your account after the double-check for the translation is finished.


For the Second Translator

Below, we will cover the steps to be followed by the second translator for a Double-Check Request.

If there is a revision request available to you, you will receive a notice like the one below in your Conyac dashboard.

You will see the 'Revision' button on the right side. When you click on it, a list of the requests to be revised will show up.

Among the requests to be revised, you can click the 'Double-Check Request' button to start revising the request.

There will be a notice for confirming if you would like to accept the Double-Check Request. Please note that with a Double-Check Request, the client is expecting either a significant improvement over the initial translation or at least a well-organized revision.

You will see the original text and the previous translation in the box. Click 'Accept' if you think the translation needs some revisions.

There will be a confirmation notice. After confirming, you can start translating.

You can click the tag on the left to see the original text and the previous translation to notice the differences and make revisions on the translation.

After you complete the revision of the translation, click the 'Commit' button and it will show 'Saved on.....' on the upper left side of the request and a 'Committed' button will show on the right side of the translation.

Please be sure to click the 'Commit' button, otherwise, your translation will not be saved!

The differences between the previous translation and your revision will appear as follows.

After you commit all the revisions for the translations, there will be a blue bar marked with 100% full. You can submit all the revisions by clicking the 'Submit' button.


As a Double-Check Request usually requires high quality of translation, please be sure to re-check all translations before clicking 'Confirm Submit.'

After you confirm your submission, the requester will review it. If there are any questions or requests from the client, please respond promptly and in a professional manner.

Reporting Machine Translation Use

There is an "Alert" button at the bottom of each finished translation. If you suspect that a translator has used machine translation, please use this to report it to the Conyac team so that we can investigate. Please be aware that you cannot undo the Alert once you have clicked on it.

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