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About Withholding Tax

Last Updated: Nov 29, 2017 08:14AM UTC

About withholdings tax

In accordance with Japanese tax regulations, users who live in Japan and use the Conyac platform are subject to withholdings tax at the time of payment.

  <Withholding tax applies to the following translators>

     Those living in Japan fall into the jurisdiction of the national tax law.
     Those who have submitted their My number.
     Those who selected Japan as their country of residence for ID verification. 
     *Those who have not completed the ID verification process or have not submitted My  number. 

*Those who have not completed the ID verification process will have there country of residence automatically set to Japan and will therefore subject to withholding tax. 

 <Withholding tax amount>

 Payment amount (without processing fee) 10.21%
 The currency exchanged to yen will be displayed on your payment record. 

<Regarding payment record>

A copy of payment record for use of submitting to the tax office can be downloaded in PDF form from Conyac only when the user falls into one of the following categories below. 

  When the total amount of payment for an applicable year from January to December (received payment) totals over  50,000 yen. 

    1.  From the payout page click “history” 


2.   Select the calendar year for the payment record you want to download. 

When you click “Payment record”” a PDF version that you can download will be displayed. 
After “confirm” mark is displayed you can download the file. 

Circumstances in which a payment record is unavailable. 

For the applicable year if the total paid earnings are less than 50,000 JPY, then it is uncessary to submit a statement to the tax office. Therefore, you will be unable to print a statement in this situation. If you still need to confirm your payment record from Conyac, you can check you total earnings in the followings ways. 

How to download your payment record 

Repeat steps one and two as described above and you can check the amount earned and the amount of tax withheld.

For inquiries regards the submission of your taxes, please consult your local tax authority.

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